7 jedis in a startup!

The Visionary

This person is generally the one who had the first thought and brings together the rest of the team. They showcase the future and assist everyone in visualizing what’s it gonna be like.

The Baton Holder

This person is the one who shares the responsibility of different verticals and actions. They are the experts of their domains and have the zeal to learn new activities via inter operability discussions & brainstorming. They act as the pillars in the company.

The Growth Hacker

This person takes care of building the business in a very fast paced manner and taking it to new levels of growth. They would be experimenting, learning and implementing new techniques within short spans to enhance the capability and accelerate the growth.

The Kickass Guy

Since the inception of the company, this person generally takes care of the toughest of the people / dealor across the market. The motivator for the team in the low times who is always rising the mood with their never ending stock of  jokes and stories.

The Pacifier

There will be heated discussions and conversations going on within and outside the startup office with vendors, channel partners and many others. This person generally is the one who has to interfere or conclude the discussions at times when the temperature in the meeting room or over the phone line has crossed the boiling point.

The Reality Checker

In the early stage, the flight of thoughts reaches cloud 9 many a times or even the expenses on many experiments might be mounting up without any measurable outcome. This person is the one who will always put a reality check in front of the team members and colleagues so that everyone is within limits.

The Guru

They might not be generally a part of the core team but members generally reach to them whenever they are stuck or the road ahead seems hazy. They will guide with their experience or analysis of the given situation.

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