Digital marketing refers to promotion of products or brands through one of the forms of electronic / online medium and differs from traditional marketing as it involves the use of channels & methods which enable any business to analyze their campaigns and understand the outcome in real time.

The way in which it has developed since the 1990s has changed the way different brands and businesses have adopted technology and digital marketing as the key strategic platform for day to day promotions & sales. Digital marketing campaigns, day to day, are becoming more prevalent as well as efficient, as these platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing team’s periodic plan and over specific tenures, and as people use laptops, tabs and mobiles instead of going to brick & mortar shops.

Different forms of Digital Marketing available today are:

  1. Content Marketing – This kind of marketing is generally associated with digital publishing of textual, visual or audible content. Most famous types are Blogs, YouTube and Quora.
  2. Search Engine Marketing – This involves working on the content and using different means to have better rankings in different search engine results. Few famous platforms are Google and Bing.
  3. Social Media Marketing – This is majorly related to brand promotion, awareness, community building and customer relationship management. Few famous platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why digital marketing?

  • Global outreach – It is easy to target people across geographies and demographics. A more targeted approach can be used for the defined segment in order to position the product or services.
  • Easy to measure outcome – A huge amount of information is available with respect to customer behavior, buying pattern and engagement numbers which helps in further segmentation & allocate resources in future on next strategy planned.
  • Cost Effective – At this stage it is comparitively cheap as compared to the traditional channels. It is highly effective for start ups, new businesses to compete with the gloabal giants or scale up fast.
  • Paradigm Shift – Customers are shifting more towards online platforms for both product / service research which highly helps in decision making or directly making the purchase online.


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