How to ace a remote interview?

As we are moving towards a digital age, recruiters have started exprimenting with Digital means for their hiring processes. Usage of Digital Means for recruitment helps both the Recruiter & Recruitee in the following ways:

How it helps Recruiters?

  • Easy assessment of aptitude skills – By providing online tests for assessment the recruiters can easily assess the interviewee’s skills. They have a big database of questions to choose from and also have techniques to have customization for specific candidates.
  • Competitive analysis – Online test means help in easily comparing performance of one candidate from other with the help of in built logics based on different parameters. It helps in getting comprehensive reporting to make the shortlisting for further round.
  • Telephonic rounds – Telephonic rounds help in detailed discussion or interview for candidates without making them travel to interview locations.
  • Video conferencing rounds – It helps in judging the candidates body language from remote location, presentation skills and also helps in getting case based or problem statement based interviews which generally requires screen sharing, solution sharing & face to face presentations.

How it helps Recruitees?

  • Reduced travel – The candidate doesn’t need to travel long distances to interview locations. Rather they can just sit at their own place and get done with the interview.
  • Prepared with all required items – Being at their own place helps the candidates in better preparation by allowing them to put together the required items for / during interview by themselves and completely with their discretion.
  • Peace of mind – Being at a familiar place for an important occasion provides peace of mind, have reduced anxiety levels and helps in improving overall productivity.

Follow these tips for acing the remote interview

  • Be confident & remain free from all household chores
  • Make sure that the surroundings is peaceful and calm
  • Keep proper arrangement of water or other drinks so that you don’t have to move during the course of interview
  • Make sure that the Resume sent to the recruiter clearly details your skills & help them to decide on the topics of discussion for interview. You can see samples here.
  • Voice modulation is very imprtant during telephonic rounds as they give an indication of your behavior.
  • Try to keep eye contacts during video interview
  • The presentation or case solution submitted should be illustrative enough for the rceruiter to understand your way of critical thinking.

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