How to prepare for Aptitude test during placements process?

Aptitude test generally is 1st hurdle for most of the placement processes for hiring freshers & on campus placements.

The aptitude test generally comprises of the following sections:

  • Quantitative test
  • Verbal ability
  • Data interpretation / Reasoning
  • Technical questions

The successful candidates from this round generally go to the next round which might be some problem solving round or technical / HR interview.

Quantitative Test

This section / paper consists of numerical problemes. The major topics to focus on are Profit / loss, ratio, percentages, progressions, permutation / combinations, probability and set theory. For this section you should generally revise your mathematics concepts from any of the course books which you have and be through with formulaes.

Verbal Ability

This part generally checks your reading & comprehension ability, grammer and word power. It’s a good habit to read newspapers or lengthy articles to improve reading capability. While reading keep on jotting down unknown words and learn their meanings from dictionary. This will help in building word power. Practice grammer related question from any english centered material.

Data Interpretation / Reasoning

It comprises of different logical problems like deduction of inference from given set of conditions, puzzles, time series problems or figure related problems. This generally checks your basic analytical and problem solving skill. You should keep practicing problems & puzzles to remain abreast with different tricks & techniques.

Technical Questions

This section generally checks the core skills which are required by the company.

Few points to remember while solving any question

  1. Don’t remain fixated with a question for a long time.
  2. Try to priotitize which section focus on, in a given order.
  3. Avoid negative markings, if present during the exam.
  4. Keep an eye on the time


If you have any questions for us or want to share your experiences, please do share in the comment section below. Our experts are here to support with their feedbacks, problem solving approach and experience sharing.

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