How to prepare for Job Interview?

The key to a successful job interview is preparation. Research on the company, understand the role and offer polished responses during the process. It shows your enthusiasm, proactiveness and a keen interest for the job. You can use the job interview tips mentioned below to prepare for your next interview.

Research on the company

Researching on the company will help to better understand the role fitment and judge your knowledge to boost your credibility while sitting in front of the interviewer. The company website, newsletters, annual report and media releases provides valuable information on the company’s key services and products, the target markets where they are focused on, recent events, organization structure, work culture and future goals & direction.

Understand role details

Carefully examine the information which you have with respect to the role, including the job advertisement and job description. This information will help in anticipating what you are likely to be asked during the interview, so that you can prepare few relevant responses beforehand. To leave a better mark compared to other candidates, you can use this information to prepare intelligent questions to ask at the end of the interview.

Revise your responses

Rehearse answers to the questions which you are likely to be asked. It is the most critical step in interview preparation. For every potential question, identify practical examples which showcases how you responded / reacted to the task/situation and mention the positive outcome. It is a good practice to rehearse your responses with a friend to gain constructive feedback on whether you match with your skills, experience and professional / personal attributes for the requirements of the job in a coherent manner.

Know your strength

The key to present yourself in the best possible light is to know well of your key strengths and be able to showcase / communicate them confidently and convincingly during the interview process. The interview is the opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself, so be prepared with concrete examples of what makes you special. It’s good to revise the key achievements from your resume so that they are top of your mind when responding to questions, and better use them to demonstrate how you are the best fit for the needs of the employer better than any other applicant.
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