Working as a team or group is fundamental to all occupation positions, from section level to chief. Collaboration among the workers pushes the organization to progress and makes it burgeoning. The HR may ask the interview questions like Are you a team player? or something related to teamwork and listen attentively to your reply. They will find if you are a real team player at the core – or just posing as one. 

Why teamwork plays an important role?

Hiring the candidate with a synergic attitude is paramount for the organization because the best applicant with excellent professional training and abilities won’t be a worthy one to hire if that star candidate can’t fit in with the current workers in the firm. So an optimistic and vibrant answer to this question elevates your chance of getting hired tremendously.

Things to consider before answering:


  1. The choicest way to support your side as a reliable team player is by giving access to your past working experience to the recruiters.
  2. If you are a fresher then, share about any activity in college, yourself involved as a team member.
  3. Talk about the benefits of the team working, and show yourself as a person who values and appreciates the collaborative work approach.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget to mention that you are a good team player but, at the same time, you are pretty decent at also working as an individual.

Things you should avoid while answering:


  1. Try not to say that you are a lone wolf. It is okay to work individually but, you would prefer not to stress that when asked how you will fit in the group. Preferably, search for ways where you can show yourself as a person who is improving his/her professional skills in collaboration.
  2. Ensure Your Body Language. If you acknowledge that you love working with others, yet your body is stating that you are off from correspondence, you may be sending an inappropriate message. 
  3. Avoid Pretending to cherish teaming up with others while you do not want to work with anyone else. In alter, center on how your abilities let you support the team.

Sample Answer for freshers:

“Yes, I am. I believe that teams create an environment of support and propel people toward implementation. A team environment can boost the confidence of individuals, allowing them to do their best work. An instance of this when I had my mid-year intern training, the Global Standards Project, where all of us managed unitedly with a different type of background and experiences to deliver an outcome that none of us could have accomplished separately”.

These days, most organizations conduct team management activities via office trips and other work situations where the employees can increase their performance and enhance their skills. Unless you struggle to learn or adapt quickly, do not worry about improving your personality as a good team leader.

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