Aspirants preparing for job interviews focus on the questions which are mainly related to their job. But it’s not a correct way of preparing yourself for job interviews. Your hiring managers can ask some out of the box or surprising questions. These questions can put you in dilemma, and you may start panicking. And even if you will some how manage to give an average answer, what difference it will make? The answer is no difference, and you will lose an opportunity to get your desired job.

These surprising questions are always tricky. One such question is, Do you believe in luck?” or they can ask this question in another way like, Do you consider yourself lucky?

Common Mistakes

I consider myself lucky because recently I have won a lottery of rupees 2 lakhs.

You should never answer this question by giving such example even if you have won a lottery in real. Using this example on professional level will be the most foolish thing that one can do.

I think I am very lucky as I got selected for this interview.

Impressing your HR manager by saying this will not work because they are experienced and smart enough to sense your every move. So, you should never use buttering as a weapon to answer this question.


Understanding the luck factor:

Everyone knows that believing in luck and doing nothing will not lead to success. If you want to succeed in life you have to do hard work. You have to learn and practice every aspect of the field that you want to excel in.

Sometimes we see that few people do hard work, give their best and put every effort to achieve their desired goal, but still they fail. So in that case we can say that the person is unlucky. Thus, the luck factor can be concluded after your efforts. You can never prioritize luck over endeavors.



You can refer to following example to get an idea how to answer this question:

I think that you can’t simply believe in luck and hope that the things will go according to your wish. But if you are ready to struggle and face every obstacle in your way then you can achieve anything in life. So more than believing in luck one should believe in their own efforts as I do.

The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.”– Barbara Sher

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