Interview Question: Give an example where you demonstrated leadership? – Answer

This question is an example of one of the many questions which can be asked based on what you told interviewers during the process. Many of us generally use the following lines:

  • I have good leadership skills.
  • I am a good team player.
  • I possess excellent communication skills.
  • I am a keen observer.
  • I am a good listener

… and this list can go on.

This question generally tries to confirm whether you are giving correct information about yourself during the interview process. Whatever qualities you have mentioned about yourself, you should we ready with supporting answers. The way to prepare for this question is to recollect important relevant incidences from your past. Take a walk down the memory lane.

Extraordinary academic qualification

If you are a batch topper or have shown great performance in a specific subject or two, you can mention that you are a hard working, laborious person who loves to follow the discipline. You can also showcase how you performed great in a subject which proves your inclination towards that specific field.

Leading a team in sports or job or any event

There are many options through which you can showcase your leadership or team player skills. It can be through a sports meet where in you might have participated or a college / office event wherein you handled the entire show or some office / college project where in you worked in / with teams to deliver an outcome successfully.

Extra curricular achievements

There are many extra curricular activities where in you might have participated. If you have a definite pattern, you can explain that in the interview that you have certain qualities which drives you to participate in those extra curricular activities.

Notable awards or prizes

Keep a track of all the awards and prizes which you have won. You can mention these awards as a proof of specific action or performance. The certificate will act as the valid proof from a recognized body and will clear the doubts from the interviewer’s mind, if any.


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