Your skill sets highlighted in the resume which the company expects you to possess makes it easier for you to get noticed and invokes them to ask queries about it. One such question is, How would you rate your technical skills? 

Before evaluating your technical skills, you should have a clear picture of the correct definition of technical skills. Each job description has its well-defined requirements of technical familiarity. In the IT industry, companies expect you to be well aware of coding if you are a developer and adobe if you are a designer. Your idea and description of the technical skills get a shift from job position to position.

It is clear that if you are skilled in a specific area which the job requires then, the probability of hiring is also high. 

Your Rating on Your Tech Skills Plays a Significant role. Why?

The Recruiters are in search of a candidate who is more than just eligible for the post. When you give your best to this question, It makes you appear as the appropriate one for the position in their eyes.

If you rate your capability too low, you may create a hesitant situation for HR as you make you look like a person without a satisfactory level of ability to deal with the stuff. If you judge your computing knowledge exceedingly great, you should be ready to deal with the complicated questions associated with the skills in which you rated yourself high. So it is evident to choose your rating on a scale of your skill sets carefully.

If the recruiter asks you to rank your technical skill, consider the following points before answering the question:

What do they mean by tech skills?

Recollect about the technical skills required for the job role you applied and prioritize them.


Do you possess the skill they ask? 

If yes, Elaborate about them else, clarify them that currently, you are focused on learning it. 


Do I have any unique ones?

It is okay if you don’t have anything to discuss. It is always good to mention when it can boost your chance of getting hired.

Example: When you are a fresher applied in the software firm, you can talk about your knowledge and interest in SAP. 


Facts you have to deal with while answering:

  1. Be straightforward! A genuine, legit, contemplated reaction to this question is going to help you with standing apart from different competitors and make a difference. Do not under-estimate or overvalue yourself.
  2. Give a realistic and related answer. Your excellency in baking cakes has nothing do with your debugging ability. Double-check the skill you state, and rate is relevant to the job.
  3. Give a proper justification for your rating. Plan and practice an outline of why you gave yourself a specific rating.

Sample Answer which you can Consider while preparing yours: 

I have used and have a working experience for a long time in excel. There are numerous parts of the program that I am alright with, and in those regions, I’d rank myself high, maybe 9–9.9. I can get past it without assistance or blunders. I can do fundamental things like turntables and outlines, and make an intelligent dashboard. Anyway, I don’t have an understanding of advanced macros. So, I would state I am middle, maybe a 6 or 7.


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