Interview Question: Tell me about yourself – Answer

Many of the HR managers or hiring managers start an interview process with this question: “Tell me about yourself

A common tendency for interviewees is to take this question a bit on a lighter node as they are very confident of their preparation for this. It is one of the questions where in you just have to speak about yourself, so why should there be any hassle or issue?

But many researchers and talent acquisition specialist are of the view that this answer should be meticulously prepared. The interviewer generally use this answer to judge a candidate on two key parameters, your maturity and your authenticity.

Below are few key points which you should consider while preparing for this question:

Prepare your story based on the job description

Any prospective employer doesn’t want to hear your bio data at the time of interview as your resume (CV) has already briefed them about yourself. They are more keen on hearing about your characteristics or stories which help them portray you fit for the job profile. As example, if you are applying for an accounts job, you can always mention if you organized some event during college / school / previous company days where in you took care of all the finances or helped in raising funds by negotiating good deal for your side.

Don’t be nervous on portraying the real you

Many a times after reading through multiple examples to answer this question we really get confused during interviews on what content should be released or we generally portray ourself as someone who wrote / narrated some answer examples. Interviews can easily pin point if you are trying to wear a mask by asking negating questions during the course of the interview. It’s better to portray the real you.

Be ready with examples to support your story

You might say that you are great team player or work well in teams. You must have some relevant content to support your behavior or some proof in terms of writing / certificates to show case in front of the hiring manager. If you are not able to connect the dots properly then it will bring down the trust factor which the interviewer might have build over the course of interview and can act in a negative manner.

A resume is a first step to any job application / interview. It should be well designed, have clarity in content and relevant information. Create your CV now .


If you have any questions for us or want to share your experiences, please do share in the comment section below. Our experts are here to support with their feedbacks, problem solving approach and experience sharing.

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6 Responses

  1. Actually, at the time of interview , the interviewer asked this question and I just briefing about myself

    • admin says:

      The briefing should be based on your experience with relevant points towards the role for which you are being interviewed.

  2. Nirupma says:

    The interviewer asked this question then I just to recall or recollect the key point which was related to our education nd experiences…

  3. Ravi Ranjan Kumar says:

    Interview process is the jug my skill &Knowladge and my self

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