Interview Question – What excites you about the role?

Well, what is it which excites you for applying to this role? What will keep you enthusiastic and motivated in this work profile? Think about that. Then think on whether the given skill or personal behavior in any way would make you more contributing and effective in the job for which you have applied. This is a question which generally helps the interviewer assess your fit for the role. Here you have to showcase your strengths but only those which are complimenting the role. So think of what motivates and excites you AND could have some relevance to the job for which you are applying and you will have the perfect answer.

If, for example, meeting new people has always been exciting for you, then if you are applying for a job in customer service of some kind, that would be excellent. However if you are applying for a job where you work alone and never meet anyone new, that would really be wasting an opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself to your prospective employer.

The potential employer would like to hear that what excites you is a good fit with the job they are offering. As an example, if the job is working in a burger joint, you get excited being part of a team. If you will spend some time behind the register, you get excited seeing customers’ smiles. If you are working sales, you get excited when you figure out what benefits a customer is looking for, and you can close the deal by presenting from their viewpoint, not yours. Or if a job has a lot of travel, you are excited to travel and spend time in new cities. For a consulting job, one might get excited working on new teams and new projects, and having that period of hyperactivity learning the new customer and new area.

Things that you don’t want to list as exciting you are ones that might interfere with your job: unlimited sick leave, flexible work hours where you don’t have to come in on any schedule, unlimited leave, your friends at the company tell you it is mostly play and very little work, etc. Some of these items are benefits, but you don’t want to give the appearance that you are more excited about the work than non-work items. An exception might be if the company has outstanding training opportunities. You can be excited about the opportunity to learn more and grow and have a career with the company.

It’s important to give a professional answer. If you are a software engineers, talk about really elegant ways of solving a problem, if you’re an architect you can talk about influencing people’s everyday life’s for the better with great architecture.

This list will go on.

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