Interview Question: What is your weakness? – Answer

This is one of the trickiest question in any interview. We all know that we need to share only our strong points or positives during any job interview but what to answer when thrown with this question ….

What is your weakness?

When an interviewer asks this question, they are looking for the following:

  • Self – awareness: Answers like ‘I don’t have any weakness’ shows your arrogant behavior, self proclaimed perfectionist nature and a complete lack of self awareness. An interviewer might not really want to hear this. Even during a 5 – 10 min interview, an interviewer can judge your personality traits from or behavioral norms from your actions / answers.
  • Honesty: An interviewer wants to hear the truth. They don’t want you to disguise your strength as weakness. Many people have the habit of saying, “I am a perfectionist.” But it doesn’t leave a good impression and clearly shows that you are trying to bluff your way through.
  • Self Improvement nature: Interviewers also want to understand whether you have nature of improving yourself by working upon your shortcomings. This nature also ascertains that you can take necessary steps to up skill or learn new skills during the course of your job to shoulder bigger / new responsibilities.

You have to respond to this question very carefully as you would not like your manager to take a negative decision thinking that you might not be fit for the job. There are different ways to tackle this situation:

  • Mention skills which are not relevant for this job: As example, if you are applying for a desk job then you can mention that you generally don’t like working out in gyms or doing much of a physical work. You are more of a laptop / pen – paper guy.
  • List down traits which you have improved upon or are working on for improvement: As example, “I was not good at keeping myself organized like I missed on some personal activities while remaining fully involved in work. But I have improved over time and can manage both my personal & professional life at ease.”
  • Turn a negative in to positive with respect to the role: As example, “Sometimes I become so obsessed with a task that check and re check it many times before final submission. Though it could have submitted at 1st go but I do take some extra time.”

Read below a small humorous script show casing this awkward situation during interview …


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