“Motivation is the key to success.” Motivation is needed in every field, if you can keep yourself motivated then you will be able to give your 100 percent.

It is seen that in many job interviews a common question (related to motivation) is asked. The question is, “What motivates you at work?” or it can be asked in another way, “How you keep yourself motivated at work?”

Why this question is asked? 

Let’s first understand the motive behind this question i.e. the exact reason for asking this question in interviews. Your HR manager want to know about:

○ Your personality 

○ Your thinking process 

○ Who you are as a person

○ How much self-aware you are 

○ How you will handle various situations at work

The interviewers are always interested in hiring genuine candidates who seems fully dedicated to their work. They try to sense the person whether he/she is actually interested in work or is just after money. They don’t want to hire someone who will work for only two-three months and then will quit the job due to work load.


Following are the few common mistakes that you should avoid:


• Avoid saying that you get motivated by some famous personality. It’s not a casual talk where you can go on narrating the story of a person you admire in real life. It will be a waste of time and effort.

• Never say that you get motivated by money. Money is important but considering it as your motivation will be inappropriate at a professional level.


The Following are the examples that you can refer to get an idea how to answer this question:

I believe that positivity is my greatest strength, and it keeps me motivated to work more and more. I set my daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term goals and work accordingly to achieve them. And in tough situations, I keep myself firm and work even more hard rather than getting nervous and worried. I am not that kind of person who search for excuses to delay or vacate the project, I will leave no stone unturned to fulfil the job and responsibilities that I have been asked for. 

If you are giving an interview for a job that needs teamwork,

I enjoy working as a part of a team. As a team member I like to discuss and coordinate with teammates to ensure that we are moving forward in right direction. Collaborating with other employees motivates me a lot to work and carry out big projects successfully. 

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