Interview Question: Where do you see yourself after 5 years? – Answer

This is one question which generally comes in the later half of the interview. When the interviewer is giving a deep thought on your candidature after you have passed in the initial hurdles of question, they generally ask this question to understand your thought process with respect to your long term plans.

This question is a critical one as the interviewer gets to understand that how well you understand the organization and how long you intend to be there. The first hand internal reaction might be “How would I know what I might be doing after 5 years?”. The scenarios are changing fast and the industries are transforming at a exponential pace. It’s very tough to decide what I would be doing and where I might land up after 5 years. But you know well within what is expected of you to say, “I want to stay at this awesome organization with a bigger role & higher up the ladder.”

Most of the interviewers are used to hearing that answer many a times in their career span. Whatever you answer should create a wow effect. The following points should be kept in mind while answering this question.

Avoid skipping the question

An interviewer is keen on understanding your aspirations with the organization or yourself so that they can judge whether you are good match for the company. Many of you might tend to skip it with a smile or with another question from your end but that’s not the right way to deal with it.

Showcase your understanding of the organization

It’s the time when you can showcase about how well you understand the company, it’s culture and future growth plan. You have to sell them your views as to how you fit in to their strategy and you are perfect fit with their changing needs in future. Tell them what you have been looking for in your job engagement and how the company fulfills your needs.

What you bring to the table?

You  have to tell them your key qualities and how they would help you achieve your 5 year plan. It has to be aligned to company’s objective and growth perspective.


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