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Search Engine Optimization

The following steps are followed by search engines for best results.

  • Crawling – It is the process of fetching all the web pages related to a website. This task is performed by a web crawler.
  • Indexing – This is the process of creating index for all web pages fetched and keeping them into a database from where it can be retrieved when required.
  • Processing – When a search request is made on the browser, the search engine processes it and finds the relevant pages for the users.
  • Calculating Relevancy – The search engine has to calculate the relevancy of each of the pages in its index.
  • Retrieving Results – Then the relevant pages are rendered through the browser for the access of the user which provides the information which they have searched.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a broader term covering organic SEO and paid online marketing. But for simplicity the later is referred as SEM.

Your marketing plan is aggressive and demands RoI impatiently. In that case, your website must appear in popular search engines and social media against searched keywords. This can be achieved by placing advertisements in the targeted search engines through SEM.

Social Media Marketing

Utilize social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and more to create a community of promoters, generate a conversation with your customers, manage your online reputation, and convert high-growth online traffic into leads and sales. Improve your brand presence and increase visibility across your prospects

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about creating and distributing content that engages and attracts a targeted audience, while encouraging them to take action which is profitable to a business. This is a brief tutorial that explains how you can use content marketing to your advantage and promote your business.

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