Track, Improvise and Grow Your Business

Track with Google Analytics & Webmasters

Google analytics helps in tracking the day to day customer insights. It gives an idea of total number of users, unique users, sessions, number of page views and so on. Similarly Webmasters tools help in SEO performance tracking. It gives an idea of number of organic clicks, search appearances, indexing status and so on. Both these tools combined together gives a complete picture of how your site is doing on brand awareness and growth perspectives.

Improvise with Adwords & Keyword Planners

Adwords helps in putting up paid ads for Search & Display networks of google & it’s partners. Optimizing the bidding and minimizing the total expenses helps in improved ads performance & higher growth on new customer acquisition. Keyword planners help in defining which keywords to focus on and the competitive landscape with respect to each keyword. It is a great tool in defining important keywords to focus on for your business segment.

Grow with great SEO & SEM

There is a famous saying that if you want to hide anything from customers, keep your site on the second page of google search. SERP is very important in initial shortlisting decision making behavior of an internet user. With improved keywords planning and having better SEO, marketers can have improved CTR and lower CAC.

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