The budding technopreneur should be comfortable with the OOPs concept and different basic algorithm designing approaches. They should be hands on defining the criticality along with justified complexity for the coder. The knowledge of algorithms helps in simplifying solutions for different problems like implementing shortest path delivery / pick up algorithm or if it’s a ad banner nozzle algorithm.

A know how of one of the development stacks or setting up blog can come handy in the initial stages.

Digital Marketing

It’s one of the most imprtant skills in current day’s marketing scenario. Google analytics, webmasters tools, adwords, social media channels are the key marketing channels where technology buffs or new age customers are found. The knowledge of how to identify best keywords, optimum bidding strategy for ads and engaging with the target segment is easy and can be tracked through all the online marketing tools.

Business Productivity Tools

Microsoft office tools like Excel, word, access or G-suites cloud based tools like sheets are required for a day to day tracking and monitoring activities, planning or showcasing strategy and keeping financials records. There is no need to spend on costly tools for management tasks as the above mentioned business productivity tools have most of the features which can give the desired management results and improving productivity.

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