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Every company is talking about scaling up exponentially. It is easily possible to attain this with hiring N more number of people or infusing more cash on marketing efforts. Most of the operational and notification activity is via email / call / messages with lots of time spent in follow ups, drafting messages and arranging data. Here is a small attempt to explain how tech can help in scaling up and attaining exponential growth without disrupting the peace of mind.

S — Sync teams

A 360 degree integrated tech system can enable real time data updates at required instances. This will lead to a synchronous information flow across different teams and respective members. The time gaps in updates, if any, have to be defined which will enable everyone to get the meaning from information based on their domain or geographies.

C — Communicate to Multiple Channels

Many a times one completed activity or achieved milestone has to be communicated to different people via different modes of communication or at different times. With the help of technology a centralized system can withhold the data and required stakeholders can be notified / updated via different modes of communication. It can be email, SMS, voice messages or reports in the panel.

A — Advise with Analysis

Predictive analysis is the new norm in the Data Sciences industry. Any startup or established businesses can start deriving meaningful information from data since inception / along the way. A daily set of reports can be a good way to start. This can give a picture on pending items or effort put down in completion of certain activity. All this can set the platform to trigger the next set of activities. Business decision to continue with a process or ditch it can be easily made through a basic data analysis. Initially tools from google like analytics, adwords and webmasters give a good insight in to user behavior.

L — Leverage / Long Lasting Solutions

Business leaders can use data augmented with BI to do a gap analysis and work toward meeting the deficit which could be either on the supply side or demand side. A day to day or periodic information can be available with the help of technology.

Also technology helps in setting up an architecture which can be easily scaled up. It will require addition of new metrics or business logics implementation as the businesses grow or diversify. But if the architecture is well defined in the initial stages only then these changes will need just updates than completely writing the code from scratch.

E — Enhance Experience

Multi-channel presence with the help of tech in house like blogs, concierge, complaints, feedback sections and external tech platforms like social media sites, forums help in better engagement with the customers. The customers get to put out their concerns or good words through these channels directly to the concerned people at a specific company. It also helps in engaging with customers on special occasions, planning contests, events and other loyalty programs.


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