Top Keywords in Online Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a marketing vertical which is focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results. There are many dimensions to SEO. SEO isn’t about only building friendly websites for different available search engines, also about making the site relevant for customers too.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing is a form of online marketing which involves promotion of websites / apps / blogs by increasing their visibility in SERPs through paid advertising. Google Adwords and Bing search are dominat search engine platforms.

SERP – Search Engine Results Pages refers to the list i.e. result which we get whenever a query is given on the search engine. The pages of the top of the result have the best ranking and must have been following the best practices in SEO augmented by the technical and creative content requirement for their respective pages.

SMM – Social media marketing is the use of different social media platforms to promote any product or service. Most of the social media platforms are having their own data analytics tools, which helps companies to track different metrics related to their ad campaigns. SMM is being used highly these days for brnad awareness and customer relationship management.


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