What must to do this placement season?

The placement season must be knocking on the door for most of the students. It’s a time to showcase all the skills which you have accumulated over the period of time during the course of your education. Getting nervous is a common phenomenon seen across all the students and why shouldn’t they be? It’s the time when they would be facing an interview panel for their dream company which they have so longed for during the entire college tenure. It’s a time when they get their first job and make their family & friends proud. We have tried to collate a check list which each and every student should follow & keep in mind to shed off the extra burden of memorizing what to do or what not to do. Keep these points at hand and focus on the ways to remain peaceful & calm.

  • Prepare a good CV – A good resume should have clarity in content, it should be well presentable and should not have spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. It’s a good practice to get your resume reviewed by your peer or any senior.
  • Be prepared in the skill set in which you want to get placed in – For what so ever job profile you have been shortlisted, you should be prepared in the skills which is demanded during the job. As example, for any coding related job you should have knowledge of C / C ++, Algorithms or if you are sitting for a financial role you should be thorough with Accounting, Costing and related topics.
  • Practice aptitude problems for the test
  • Try to get exposure to group discussions
  • Get mock interview practice
  • Go through previous year questions or GD topics for a given company

We will focus on each of these points in detail on our upcoming blogs. You can check our resume building services to take a head start in preparation.

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Read our guide to important interview questions:


If you have any questions for us or want to share your experiences, please do share in the comment section below. Our experts are here to support with their feedbacks, problem solving approach and experience sharing.

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