Become a Digital Marketing Professional

Classroom Training on Digital Marketing

Location: Pune

Dates: 01st November '17 and 10th November '17

Course Fee: INR 25,000 /-

Training Features

50 hrs of Classroom Training

Online Course Access for 6 months

Industry Experts as Trainers

What you learn during the training?

Digital marketing refers to promotion of products or brands through one of the forms of electronic / online medium and differs from traditional marketing as it involves the use of channels & methods which enable any business to analyze their campaigns and understand the outcome in real time.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: On Page Optimization

Chapter 3: Off Site Optimization

Chapter 4: Duplicate Content

Chapter 5: Keyword Research & Competitive Intelligence

Chapter 6: Design & Architechture

Chapter 7: Local SEO

Chapter 8: SEO Measurement

Chapter 9: Algorithm Updates & SEO Changes

Chapter 10: Integrating SEO with other disciplines

Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Media

Chapter 2: Making the Message Stick and Spread

Chapter 3: Social Media Channels

Chapter 4: Engaging with Influencers

Chapter 5: Listening and Reputation Management

Chapter 6: Social Media Measurement

Chapter 7: Integrating Social Media with Other Disciplines

Chapter 1: Introduction to Content Marketing

Chapter 2: Content Marketing Strategy

Chapter 3: Overseeing a Content Marketing Program

Chapter 4: Content Marketing Tactics

Chapter 5: Social Media Platforms

Chapter 6: Content Marketing Budget and Measurement

Chapter 1: Introduction to Email Marketing

Chapter 2: Spam

Chapter 3: List Building and Management

Chapter 4: Elements of an Email

Chapter 5: The Process of Measuring Email

Chapter 6: Marketing Automation

Chapter 7: Integrating Email with Other Disciplines

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Chapter 2: Products and Services

Chapter 3: Incentives and Loyalty Programs

Chapter 4: Location Opportunities

Chapter 5: Mobile Advertising

Chapter 6: Mobile Audiences

Chapter 7: Rules and Regulations

Chapter 8: Mobile Measurement

Chapter 9: Mobile and other Disciplines

Chapter 1: Introduction to PPC

Chapter 2: Account Hierarchy

Chapter 3: The Buying Funnel

Chapter 4: The PPC Auction

Chapter 5: PPC Targeting Options

Chapter 6: Keyword Research

Chapter 7: Creating Compelling Ads

Chapter 8: Measuring Goals and Bidding Options

Chapter 9: PPC Audit

Chapter 10: Integrating PPC with other Disciplines

Chapter 1: Introducing Conversion Optimization

Chapter 2: Laying the Foundations of Conversion

Chapter 3: Getting to Know Your Customers

Chapter 4: Creating the Message

Chapter 5: Anatomy of a Landing Page

Chapter 6: Why Design Matters

Chapter 7: Testing for Conversions

Chapter 8: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Analytics

Chapter 2: Organizational Maturity

Chapter 3: Building Blocks

Chapter 4: Management Perspectives of Digital Analytics

Chapter 5: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Chapter 6: Segmentation

Chapter 7: The Analysis Process

Chapter 8: Marketing Management

Chapter 9: Experimentation and Testing

Chapter 10: Reports and Dashboard

Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing Automation

Chapter 2: Lead Capture and Nurture

Chapter 3: Triggers and Series

Chapter 4: Drip Campaigns

Chapter 5: Nurture Campaigns

Chapter 6: Measurement Attribution

Chapter 7: Customer Journey

Chapter 1: What is Programmatic Buying

Chapter 2: Programmatic Buying vs. Traditional Paid Marketing Approaches

Chapter 3: Programmatic Direct vs. Real-Time Bidding

Chapter 4: Programmatic Workflow

Chapter 5: Targeting Strategies in Programmatic

Chapter 6: Targeting Strategies in Programmatic

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