Pre Defined Keywords in C

Any programming language has a set of pre defined keywords which could not be used in any other form or any other purpose. Any program in C is constructed from a set of reserved keywords. The basic instructions which setup the purpose command for compiler are derived from these keywords. The pre-defined keywords can be only used for their intended purpose. The meaning of keywords is already communicated to the compiler.

In C we have total of 32 keywords which are as follows:


Keywords: void, return

Data Types

Keywords: int, char, float, double


Keywords: for, while, do


Keywords: if, else, switch, case, default


Keywords: goto, continue, break


Keywords: signed, unsigned, short, long

User Defined

Keywords: typedef, enum

Storage Classes

Keywords: auto, extern, register, static


Keywords: struct, union


Keywords: const, volatile, sizeof

We will read about each of them in following tutorials.

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