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Among all those buzz marketing words like SEO, SEM, PPC you must have heard of Email Marketing. Email marketing is a process wherein an organization sends out an email either in bulk or has setup triggers for specific emails at a given definite situation.

There have been lot of discussions around how good a tool is email marketing for personalized communication, real time transaction notifications and cost effectiveness. In this article I will cover those points.

An email is generally of three types:

  1. Transactional Email
  2. Promotional Email
  3. Informative Email

Transactional Email Marketing

A transactional email is something which shot at a certain define trigger which is based upon the user’s action or customer’s transaction behavior. A user’s action can be clicking a “call me” button on a website after which they can receive a confirmation email along with the caller’s detail who might have been assigned to the person. A transactional behavior can be when someone had made a purchase on an e-commerce website then they receive an email with the invoice of the payment and the confirmation for the payment.

Promotional Email Marketing

Promotional email is one wherein a company sends email in bulk. The email can be about a new product launch or a new offer on an existing product for which you might have shown an interest or company might be trying to up sell or cross sell a product or they would like to share about some company news. In promotional email marketing the marketers have to track the delivery rate, click rate, content open rate (in case of attachments) and response rate with respect to the emailing list used for the purpose. It’s very important to keep on filtering the email list to minimize junk email ids.

Informative Email Marketing

Informative emails are the ones which are mainly used to disseminate some useful information for the respective email list. A set of people who get themselves for daily news updates from media sites will receive their daily dose of update. People who register on websites for notifications with respect to new competitive exam or job posting will receive regular emails. A list of shareholders in a company will receive emails with respect to company’s periodic performance or with regards to share holders’ meetings.



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