A guide to SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It is that division of marketing which deals with getting traffic on website / APP through paid marketing on different search engines. SEM has become a very competitive space with millions of advertisers bidding against each other to get the most recognizable / effective slot on search engine ad display ranking. Search engine marketing or SEM has evolved as the most effective ways to grow traffic or leads generation. This is the touch point when customer is looking out for a product / service by doing a keyword search on either one of the search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu.

Whenever we do any keyword search we see a group of ads on each SERP (search engine result pages) at both top and bottom of the pages.

Process of planning SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns

A campaign refers to one ad group or an ad set which is planned for any of the product / service. We will read here on the process of planning an ad campaign.

  • Keywords research
  • Keyword segregation
  • Budget spend planning
  • Bidding allocation
  • Ad text description
  • Landing pages setup


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