Marketing is a means of promoting a good or service to the targeted audience. The target group should become aware of the product which the company or individual is offering by different promotional schemes used by the owner / manager / individual. Marketing is required to disseminate information with respect to the following:

  1. Features of the product
  2. Product pricing & related offers if any
  3. Usability of the product in case a product is launched 1st of it’s kind

In general three different kinds of marketing techniques have been used till date:

  1. ATL (Above the line) – This kind of marketing has a wide reach and is generally untargeted. This generally helps in building brand goodwill and awareness among the people.
  2. BTL (Below the line)  – This marketing style is used to target a set of people with focus on them. It helps in lead generation, good conversions and getting direct responses from the target group.
  3. TTL (Through the line) – This is an integrated approach where the marketeers use both BTL & ATL approaches to reach their target group.

Marketing is carried out across different channels:

  1. Offline marketing – It includes all the offline channels like bill boards, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, events and so on.
  2. Digital Marketing – It includes different channels like Radio, Television and so on.
  3. Online Marketing – This segment mainly includes all the activities which are generally done through internet related channels to bring out all the marketing efforts.

Online Marketing

This is carried across the following channels:

  1. Search engine marketing – This segment relates to the different means of promotion through search engines like google, bing. It works on either bringing organic results or paid results through ads posting on search platforms.
  2. Social media marketing – It generally encapsulates the different social media channels for bringing out awareness and reaching out to the target segment. Most commonly used social media channels are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, Reddit, Pinterest and so on.
  3. Email marketing – In this segment brands reach out to their target audience with the help of emails. It can be used for lead generation, customer engagement or sending out notifications / offers / transaction details.
  4. Content marketing – This type of marketing generally includes preparation of viral content in the form of text, pictures, info-graphics, videos, gifs.

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